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Sex at Work Pod Recording

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  • 1 hour
  • https://joinme.chat/a42c9fe82

Service Description

⚠️ Approved guests only! To apply, visit www.creation.place/sex-stories WHERE 🔗CLICK THE LINK IN YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL 🔗 🔊Please find a *quiet* place (non-moving car, bedroom, closet with good wifi). HOW 🎧 PLEASE HAVE GOOD SOUND 🎧 ✅🔊Please find a *quiet* place (non-moving car, bedroom, closet with good wifi). ✅🎧Wired headphones are typically better sound quality and prevent feedback. ✅🎧Test your headphones ahead of time!!! ✅🎙/💻/📱Staying close to the mic is GOOD! 🎙/💻/📱 ⛔️Avoid echoey spaces (cavernous living rooms, rooms with hard floors, cathedrals etc.) ⛔️Avoid noisy clothes or jewelry, and furniture, and make sure your mic is still and stable 🎥 I do record video for social media and YouTube (unless they really just kick us all the way off?), if you feel comfortable also being on-camera (no pressure!) make sure you come camera-ready 🥸 💡 For a list of topics to spark your inspiration if you're the type that likes to prepare (zero pressure, depends on your personality whether or not prep feels good) check out this link: https://www.sexstoriespodcast.com/guest BONUS 🙌🔊 IF YOU CAN RECORD ORIGINAL SOUND on your end please let me know! * 44.1 kHz / 32 bits * Your phone’s Voice memo app is an excellent option * MAC: Applications>Quicktime Player * go to the FILE menu and select NEW AUDIO RECORDING * Check your mic settings / high quality is fine, Maximum is extra-great if you have space * Click the red record button to begin and eventually end recording. * Click Save & label it like this: SSP_YourName_Original Sound * PC: Open the Sound Recorder application in the following location: Start>All Programs>Accessories>Sound Recorder. * Click Start Recording to begin recording. * Click Stop Recording to stop recording. * Choose a filename [SSP_YourName_Original Sound] and destination in the window that pops up. * Click Save. WHEN SEE BELOW /// PLEASE TRIPLE CHECK YOUR TIME AND THE TIME ZONE YOU BOOKED IN THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL: ⏰ I try and keep conversations around an hour; depending on how much we chat before and/or after, our recording session may take up to two hours.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel, please let me know as soon as you know! EMAIL: play@creation.place TEXT: (323) 364 9369