Sex Stories: Past Guest Update

Past Guests Only / Private Recording / Semi-Public Share

  • 30 minutes
  • phone or online session here:

Service Description

Have you had a hot sex story you want to gush in detail about? A huge sexual shift since we’ve talked? Patterns that you’ve noticed, bucket list items you’ve unlocked, or any sexy thoughts you’ve been noodling on that you wanna noodle on with me? Let’s do a catch-up call!!! WHERE 🔗Wyoh will call you—please make sure you typed your phone number correctly! 🔗 🔊Please find a *quiet* place with good signal! HOW 🎧 PLEASE HAVE GOOD SOUND 🎧 ✅🔊Please find a *quiet* place (non-moving car, bedroom, closet with good wifi). ✅🎧Wired headphones are typically better sound quality and prevent feedback. ✅🎧Test your headphones ahead of time!!! ✅🎙/💻/📱Staying close to the mic/phone is GOOD! 🎙/💻/📱 ⛔️Avoid echoey spaces (cavernous living rooms, rooms with hard floors, cathedrals etc.) ⛔️Avoid noisy clothes or jewelry, and furniture, and make sure your mic is still and stable WHEN SEE BELOW⬇️ PLEASE TRIPLE CHECK THE TIME ZONE YOU BOOKED IN THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL. ⏰ Please do your best to be on time, and if you aren't, please let me know you're running late.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel, please let me know as soon as you know! EMAIL: TEXT: (323) 364 9369