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Creation Space Pod Recording

Invite Only / Private Recording / Public Share

  • 30 minutes
  • https://joinme.chat/a42c9fe82

Service Description

⚠️ Approved guests only! To apply, visit www.creation.place/sex-stories WHERE 🔗CLICK THE LINK IN YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL 🔗 🔊Please find a *quiet* place (non-moving car, bedroom, closet with good wifi). HOW 🎧 PLEASE HAVE GOOD SOUND 🎧 ✅🔊Please find a *quiet* place (non-moving car, bedroom, closet with good wifi). ✅🎧Wired headphones are typically better sound quality and prevent feedback. ✅🎧Test your headphones ahead of time!!! ✅🎙/💻/📱Staying close to the mic is GOOD! 🎙/💻/📱 ⛔️Avoid echoey spaces (cavernous living rooms, rooms with hard floors, cathedrals etc.) ⛔️Avoid noisy clothes or jewelry, and furniture, and make sure your mic is still and stable 🎥 I do record video for social media and YouTube (unless they really just kick us all the way off?), if you feel comfortable also being on-camera (no pressure!) make sure you come camera-ready 🥸 BONUS 🙌🔊 IF YOU CAN RECORD ORIGINAL SOUND on your end please let me know! * 44.1 kHz / 32 bits * Your phone’s Voice memo app is an excellent option * MAC: Applications>Quicktime Player * go to the FILE menu and select NEW AUDIO RECORDING * Check your mic settings / high quality is fine, Maximum is extra-great if you have space * Click the red record button to begin and eventually end recording. * Click Save & label it like this: SSP_YourName_Original Sound * PC: Open the Sound Recorder application in the following location: Start>All Programs>Accessories>Sound Recorder. * Click Start Recording to begin recording. * Click Stop Recording to stop recording. * Choose a filename [SSP_YourName_Original Sound] and destination in the window that pops up. * Click Save. WHEN SEE BELOW /// PLEASE TRIPLE CHECK YOUR TIME AND THE TIME ZONE YOU BOOKED IN THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL: ⏰ I try and keep conversations around a half hour; depending on how much we chat before and/or after, our recording session may take up to an hour.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel, please let me know as soon as you know! EMAIL: play@creation.place TEXT: (323) 364 9369