WigglePractice: LIVE Wigglestream

Life is wiggly—wanna practice for it by noodling out loud about the things we love?




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All Sisters


To prepare for a life of Playsplorations, we will wiggle our way through all the human stuff together once a month with the Clone Sisters leading the way.

Volunteer to be a collaborator for a segment when you sign up; more info coming soon, but here's a sneak peak at the topics—


Bucket List Report

Love Survey

Wishes & Wigglibrations

Ear Pleasures: Appreciating Noises

Nose Pleasures: Appreciating Smells

Tongue Pleasures: Appreciating Tastes

Touch Pleasures: Appreciating 3D Feelings

Homestead (Pleasure)Haven Update

Hard Things

Love Letters to Billionaires

Asking Practice


Creative / Sex Ed

Joy Toy Reviews

Feelings Practice

Desire Discovery

Pleasure Test

Let-Go Practice

Creation Orders

Eye Pleasures: Appreciating Light & Shapes

Each stream will be 69-96 minutes long; sign-ups will be available here in divine timing.


coming soon!

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Private Archives: Select Access to Private WiggleStreams.

SuperPrivate Archives: Full-Access to All Private WiggleStreams.


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Invite your friends to wiggle with you when you see them in 3D, or just start wiggling in celebration every time they share something awesome, and spread the ripple of WIGGLIBRATION.

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