Sex at Work

What do the people who think about sex all day think about sex?




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Mona Luna


Sex at Work is a series of conversations with people who do the jobs that are making the world a sexier, more loving place.

In as much detail as they feel comfy or is relevant, guests offer a window into their respective careers in the sex industry, and share the wisdom they've accumulated along the way.

A companion pod inspired by Sex Stories, it's another curiosity-driven everyday anecdotal research project—because the Clone Sisters have been reading the sex books, listening to the sex pods, and talking to people directly. So far, the anecdotal non-data suggests that humans who anonymously share real-life details capture a range and depth of human experience that is sometimes but not always reflected in the "normal" research that makes it into the books sex educators learn from.

It's the most fun work podcast ever.


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Sex at Work Questions

In as much detail as you feel comfy, please share:


  • What led you to your sexy job?

  • Are you a sex worker?

  • What title or labels do you use?

  • How do you define “sex work”?

  • What’s your work like?

  • How is it sexy?

  • How is it less sexy than one might think?

  • What do you like best about your job?


  • What do your boundaries between “professional” and “personal” look like, especially as it relates to your own sex life?

  • How do you handle communication and boundaries around sex with colleagues, clients or subcontractors?

  • Is it more implicit or explicit?

  • What do you do if a boundary needs to be enforced, or a reframe offered?

  • Sex-at-Work culture-wise:

  • What are you in the process of fine-tuning and experimenting with?


  • What do you do so awesomely that you wish everyone could learn from you?

  • What have you learned about social and cultural norms:

  • that has surprised you?

  • that you’d like to shift?

  • that you love?

  • Since you began this work, what changes have you noticed related to your corner of the sex industry?


  • Based on your personal experience, do you have evidence that either supports or challenges my casual and evolving thesis: When we have the support we need and feel free to express ourselves creatively, our sex lives can flourish—because sex is humanity's "original" creativity.

  • Since you began this work, what changes have you noticed in yourself or your personal life?

  • What do we need, collectively, to have "better" sex?

  • What do you wish everyone knew about sex?

  • What’s the silliest shame-related experience you’ve encountered through your work?


  • What do you want to celebrate most about your work, right now?

  • Imagine a Full Service Creativity Resort. Think: a small-ish oasis in the desert that has family-friendly and grownups-only areas, where education about all things art-and-body-related is available, and resources exist to explore ones’ creativity in all ways that are legal and consensual and age-appropriate. If you were in charge of one room—or a whole floor—of this resort, and it’s the [YOUR NAME/BRAND] zone, and you have an unlimited budget, what’s the most fun, you-version of this room you can think of, right now?