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Why I Wiggle

It was February 12th, 2019

I was exhausted after finally finishing a freelance project that took four times as long as I’d budgeted for. it was the busiest month for headshots. I was six weeks into recording and editing and also doing nude photoshoots for weekly episodes of Sex Stories on top of my The Radiance Project, my dear friend Heidi’s podcast which I used to produce and edit weekly.

And: I was finally getting auditions for pilot season.

Unusually for me, I felt restless in my 3D physical being, like I actually wanted to move my stagnant body. She was craving it.

My friend Lola had been telling me about her daily bare minimum of physical exercise: wall sits, while she brushes her teeth. I was tired, it had been another computer-y late late late night, and I was brushing my teeth and decided that tonight was the night:


I made it less than 5 seconds. My body was like, nope. So while I brushed my teeth, staring at the rings under my eyes and feeling lumpy, I decided I would do my own bare minimum, and just move a little bit.

I began to wiggle.

It made me laugh so much. So so much. Wiggling led to giggling, and I was slap-happy. Wiggle-happy. The way my wiggly parts moved was utterly delightful. Embarrassing, maybe, because...my stomach and arms and thighs...should they be flapping around that much? What is a Should? In that moment, even as I was trying to judge myself and use this as evidence that I must really get serious about working out, I could not help but love my wiggly parts. They make me smile. They made me want to move more!

Why hadn't I wiggled sooner?And then I got sad.

These are not the parts of my body that society wants me to love or show off (over a thousand days into wiggling: I actively lose followers when I post wiggles!), at least based on the messaging from most beauty / health / wellness /lifestyle brands; there are (WOO HOOO!!!) starting to be some exceptions, but I noticed that even in my own brain, with my own very-real wiggly joy present, I felt shy about sharing my wigglejoy in public. But then I thought,

What if wiggling took over the world...?

And just like that, my body-loving sci-fi horror musical comedy about an alien accidentally releases an apparently unstoppable wiggle virus, was born. Not to fear; this predates our real-world pandemic, and the “virus” is actually alien technology to help us locate and conquer the places where self love is missing, unlocking our individual (and eventually, collective) superpowers. In self-love, we reach wiggilibrium, and get SuperDuperpowers from bits of our body that are used to being shrouded in shame. One butt slap freezes enemies until their limbic systems calm down. A double butt slap creates a shield. Pimples have been known to shoot useful cleaning solutions or acid as-needed, stretch marks sometimes lead to laser beams or fire streams, depending on the person, and the list is as infinite as are the things people are taught to hate about their bodies.

It’s a joyous, wiggly celebration in self-love and human love.

The Wiggle Movie is backburnered. First, Sex Stories wants to be consistently monetized. Next, a jillion clone sisters are wiggling their way into existence to fund Dante’s Playship. And Mission 69, the Sci Fi Sex Ed musical (think Little Shop of Horrors meets Schoolhouse Rock) will get born and we’ll do a PlayShip Road trip full of live shows and art shares. And THEN it will be time for WigglePower.

Since my golden birthday, I have wiggled every day, and will wiggle every day until I make the wiggle movie. I used to do it on instagram live daily; slowly-but-surely, all my story bits will end up on Creation Place. Please email me with any wishes or wigglibrations you’d like me to recognize either silently or out loud!

BIG love,

Wyoh & the wiggly clone sisters



to whatever music you want while you wiggle, or to Sex Stories!


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